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Throughout the entire year, one of the oldest settlements of Hungary offers a great destination for guests with interests in history, gastronomy, culture, relaxation and recreation. The multinational town is surrounded by protected nature reserves and entices visitors with a splendid Danube view, historical buildings and its Mediterranean air. Mohács has unique natural values, architecture, technical history and even renowned folk customs. Tourists can get a glimpse of the past and the present while visiting the national memorial site of Mohács, the votive church, the town hall, the Saint Nicolas water-mill and tread-mill, the Busó court and the Kanizsai Dorottya museum. The cultural treasures of the multinational town are also worth exploring by visiting the outstanding workshops of potters and mask carvers. Besides the masked procession of the Busó carnival, which is a part of the world heritage, there are several spectacular events and folk customs to participate in.

When looking for a little recreational time, you shouldn’t miss the town’s swimming pool and spa. Apart from all these attractions, Mohács offers a rich gastronomy and great local wines that contribute to the quality of the time spent here. So, see you in the “Land of Busós”!

Highlights in Mohács

  • Nature reserves on the three borders of Hungary, Croatia and Serbia
  • history of the battle of Mohács
  • cultural sights
  • traditional handicrafts

World Heritage „Busó Carnival“

Mohács is famous for the six-day popularization of the winter expulsion. The Buschós Carnival was declared by UNESCO in 2009 part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

More of the Buschó

Green Mobility within the Pearl

Main hubs: Mohács railway & bus station

Trains: from Mohács to Pècs via Villány and from Villány to Beli Manastir in Croatia:, Bicycle transportation is available for an extra fee

Bus lines: 

Boat trips: Dunasafari – +36 70 3888980, info(at), 

Cycle routes:

Bike-, canoe-, and kayak rental:
Mohács (Indóház Street, Mohács), +36 20 378 0033, +36 69 505 515, mohacs(at), 

Cyclists taking a break from cycling in Mohacs

You want to know more about this Danube.Pearl?

Tourinform Iroda-Mohács

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mohacs(at), + 36 69 505 515

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