Zwei Radfahrer fahren entlang der Donau am Donauradweg in Au an der Donau.


Djerdap / Kladovo


Following the Danube on its journey to the Black Sea, you will reach one of the most beautiful sceneries along the whole river – Djerdap gorge (the iron gates). This natural pearl lies between the slopes of the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains and it is the place, where the Danube is its widest. Besides its breath-taking nature, which you can enjoy by visiting the Djerdap national park, you will have the opportunity to discover various layers of history. Each encapsulating the presence of different cultures that settled the river through-out the ages. From traces of neolithic men that carved fish-like sculptures at the archaeological site Lepenski Vir, the face of Dacian king Decebalus, tables and bridge pillars built by Roman emperors, fortresses and castles from Ottoman era, all the way to monumental industrial heritage of modern times. All of this can be experienced between the cities Veliko Gradište and Kladovo, within less than 200 km. 

Besides the unique culture and history of Djerdap, this pearl will also welcome you with fresh food, undiscovered wine sorts and the hospitality of the locals.

Highlights in the region

  • Iron Gate Gorge
  • Djerdap national park
  • Trajan’s table, Statue of Emperor Decebalus
  • Golubac Fortress

Highlights in the region

  • canyon of Vratna river
  • wine cellars in Rajac and Rogljevo
  • Lepenski Vir
  • Viminacium – Roman military camp

Green Mobility within the Pearl

Main hubs: Belgrad railway & bus station / Kladovo

Bus line:
Early morning bus from Belgrade to the Djerdap Pearl: Arriva Litas 

Bicycle transportation is free of charge. The bus can carry up to 5 bicycles and it stops in all major destinations of the Pearl, such as: Veliko Gredište, Golubac and Donji Milanovac.

Flexible mobility service (taxi on demand):
more information at the Mobility info center in Kladovo: Kralja Aleksandra 15, 19320 Kladovo, +381 19 801 773, info(at)

Bike rental:
E-bike rental at Lepenski Vir museum

Sailing Cup in the Iron Gate in Serbia

You want to know more about this Danube.Pearl?

Mobility info center - Kladovo 

22. Septembra No. 4, 19320 Kladovo

tookladovo(at), +381 19 801 773