Zwei Radfahrer fahren entlang der Donau am Donauradweg in Au an der Donau.


Holiday along the Danube

The Danube region offers many opportunities to move along and on the river. Inspire yourself with a car-free Danube trip and let the Danube move you.


Holiday offers for Trail 1: EUROPE OF CONTRASTS

Sunrise at the Danube in Linz

The Danube – "Route of Emperors and Kings" (DE)

Up close experience of the European cultural history on the journey between Regensburg and Mohács. For more than 500 years, the river served as the unifying bond of the Habsburg Danube monarchy . The "route of emperors and kings" along which cultural-historical monuments of the eventful common history of a transnational "Danube Europe" are waiting to be discovered.

Travel date: 15.-22.07.2023

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Holiday offers Trail 2: NATURE LOVE

Flooded meadows Kopački rit Nature Park © Hrvoje Domazetović-Public Institution Kopački rit Nature Park

The Last Danube's Heartland

5 days, 3 Danube parks: Experience the Kopački rit Nature Park in Croatia, the Duna-Dráva National Park in Hungary and the special nature reserve Gornje Podunavlje in Serbia up close. In addition to immersion in nature, wine tastings and museum tours are also on the programme. Guided tour is bookable in German, English and Croatian language.

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Holiday offers for Trail 3: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE ROMANS

Gladiators & Legionnaires at the roman games in Ptuj © Ptuj Tourism Public Institute

Ptuj - Enjoyable history up close (DE)

Experience the history of Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia; with all your senses.  From a city walk to the Roman foundations, to enjoyable tastings of wine, regional meat and cheese delicacies, to a visit to the Kurent Mask Manufactory, where you get the chance to slip into the perchten-like masks yourself.... this trip has it all. 

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