Zwei Radfahrer fahren entlang der Donau am Donauradweg in Au an der Donau.


Holiday along the Danube

The Danube region offers many opportunities to move along and on the river. Inspire yourself with a car-free Danube trip and let the Danube move you.


Holiday offers for Trail 1: EUROPE OF CONTRASTS

ZEITReisen-Danube journey © nikola19/iStock

The Danube - everything flows (DE) 

In 33 days in the "ZEIT"-bus from the source of the Danube to its mouth - a journey into the past, present and future of Europe. The journey through seven Danube countries is themed "encounter instead of visiting" and "Quo vadis Europe?" - thoughts, conversations and visions. 

Travel date: 23.08. - 24.09.2022 

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Sunrise at the Danube in Linz

The Danube – "Route of Emperors and Kings" (DE)

Up close experience of the European cultural history on the journey between Regensburg and Mohács. For more than 500 years, the river served as the unifying bond of the Habsburg Danube monarchy . The "route of emperors and kings" along which cultural-historical monuments of the eventful common history of a transnational "Danube Europe" are waiting to be discovered.

Travel date: 1.-8.10.2022 15.-22.07.2023

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The rock sculpture of Decebalus in the Iron Gate, which is located near the city of Orsova

Timișoara & Banat (DE)

Combined train/bus trip to the historic cultural region in the border area of Hungary, Serbia and Romania. Banat - relatively unknown, but definitely worth a visit! The programme includes Gödöllő Castle, the fortress in Petrovaradin and Timișoara, which has been nicknamed "Little Vienna" due to its Viennese Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture.

Travel date: 07.09-13.09.2022

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Novi Sad Danube ©

Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture 2022 (DE)

Under the motto Culture, Nature and Encounters in Vojvodina and Slavonia, the journey leads "to the edges of the Danube Monarchy". First to Serbia and then Slavonia, the eastern part of Croatia, will be explored.

Travel date: 22.-30.10.2022

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the parliament in Budapest © C.Muelleder

Budapest – socio-political study trip (DE)

The "weltanschauen" trip to Budapest is about the Danube metropolis as a political, economic and cultural centre. The itinerary includes socio-critical city walks and encounters with charismatic interlocutors from politics, church and culture, who will convey a multi-layered picture of the Danube metropolis. 

Travel date: 26.-30.06.2022

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Serbia ©

Undiscovered beauty of the Balkans (DE)

The untouched nature in Serbia is an insider tip for all active nature lovers. On the tour you will hike to the most beautiful views of Serbia, through the dense forests of the Tara National Park, into the Zlatibor Mountains and into deep gorges. New perspectives open up during a boat trip on the Danube to pass the Iron Gate.

Travel date: 2.-11.09.2022

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Holiday offers for Trail 3: IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE ROMANS

Roman resting area in Grein © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH-Hochhause

Guided roman cycling adventure (DE)

On this group cycling tour, you will immerse yourself in the eventful history of the Romans on the Danube and get a feel for the flowing border, which also has many unifying features. Along the Danube you will get to know Roman legacies from a new perspective: Vineyards and shipbuilding, military and civilian installations and even entire cities invite you to discover them. Carpe diem! (Horace, 65-8 BC)

Travel date: 18.-25.06.2022

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Roman castle in Oberranna © WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH-Hochhauser

Experience bus tour: Roman Danube Limes (DE)

Our adventure tour leads along the "Danube Limes" (UNESCO World Heritage) from Germany to Slovakia. We go beyond mere sightseeing and give you direct impressions of this fascinating period and immerse you in the world of the Romans on the Danube!!

Travel date: 21.-28.08.2022

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Holiday offers for Trail 6: DANUBE FOR THE SOUL


A spiritual daily hike from Glasau via the mountain village of Kirchschlag to Linz, which aims to illuminate the social, ecological and spiritual dimensions of life. Nature, the mountain village and the communal walking form the resonance space for this.

Date: 26.06.2022

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