Zwei Radfahrer fahren entlang der Donau am Donauradweg in Au an der Donau.

Danube Delta

Danube Delta


Do you remember the feeling of curiosity and joy you had, when you visited a place for the first time? Or how do you feel when you visit a unique place that rebuilds a feeling you had while reading a mysterious story in your childhood? Exploring the Danube delta is a trip full of adventure, whose highlight is the point where the Danube and the Black Sea merge. Reaching the beautiful Danube delta is like a reward for all tourists that are travelling along the mighty river. While watching the birds and admiring the natural and unique sights, the Danube delta makes you think that nature knows better. The Danube delta is an UNESCO natural world heritage site. It combines elements of modernity, views of the wild channels, the locals and ancient tradition. The birds that live here, the flora, the channels, shallow bays and hundreds of formed lakes with extensive marshes and reed-bed, remind you of the song “Heaven is a place on earth”.

4 Kajaks while Kajaking in the Danube Delta © Transdanube.Pearls

Highlights Danube Delta

  • Flora & Fauna
  • Iacob Lake
  • Crisan Channel &
  • Fishing Village Crisan
  • Mahmudia
  • Mila 23 Village

Green Mobility within the Pearl

Main hubs: Tulcea railway & bus station


  • Bukarest ­Tulcea: CFR –, +40733520161;

Bus lines:

Bike rental:



  • Water Public Transport: Tulcea to Periprava, Sulina, Saint George and back: NAVROM –,+40741331362

Flexible Transport by boat:

  • Diana: Tulcea-Crisan, +40737259337
  • Travel Delta Star: Tulcea-Sulina; +40752917592
  • Sulina Trans: Tulcea-Sulina, +40748369173

The small village Mila 23 along the Danube branch of the Delta

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