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Iron Gate Romania

Iron Gate Romania


The Romanian iron gate pearl is representative both in terms of diversity and value and is also marked by the Danube river and its beautiful gorges. The Danube gorges are an integral part of the „Iron Gates I” natural park.

The cultural and historical potential includes important tangible and intangible elements of the local cultural identity. The area is home to several Roman heritage sites. The Herculane Spa resort is characterized by its  thermal springs and setting in a valley sheltered by mountains. It is one of the oldest spas in the world with an attestation of more than 1850 years. 

Orsova municipality was the site of a Roman port in Dacia Malvensis. Few tourists know that old Orsova town is presently submerged under water due to the construction of the “Iron Gates” dam. 

The Romanian iron gate pearl offers many tourist attractions to the visitors such as caves, old monasteries, Pescarus island, Decebal Rex statue, Roman Catholic cathedral and the museum “Iron Gates”, the remains of the old Roman camp Drobeta and remains of the legendary Traian’s bridge. In the iron gate area mountains and water harmonize perfectly. Here, wilderness and civilisation reunite to form a place of impressive beauty.

Iron Gate national Park with

  • Tabula Traiana,
  • Little & Big Boilers,
  • Rex Decebal Statue
  • Mraconia Monastery
  • Veterani & Ponicova Cave

Highlights in the Iron Gate

  • Oldest Spa: Baile Herculane
  • Cycling- & Mountainbiketours
  • Hiking Trails
  • boat rides and cruises

Green Mobility within the Pearl

Main hubs: Railway station in:

Timisoara / Craiova  /  Drobeta Turnu Severin /  Orsova  / Baile Herculane

Regular train services between Drobeta Turnu Severin and Herculane spa 

Regular bus service between Drobeta Turnu Severin and Herculane spa – 


Passenger shipping for river cruises:

Bike rentals: private operators e.g.:

The rock sculpture of Decebalus in the Iron Gate, which is located near the city of Orsova

You want to know more about this Danube.Pearl?

Tourist Information & Promotion Center Orsova

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turism.orsova(at), +40 352 40 14 09