Zwei Radfahrer fahren entlang der Donau am Donauradweg in Au an der Donau.




Surrounded by the Danube and Mosoni-Danube, the Szigetköz, is the largest Hungarian island. Due to its central location along the river, its lively and endless labyrinth of small Danube branches and its extremely rich flora and fauna it is called the ‘Heart of Danube`. Lovers of canoeing and cycling can wander along the Danube-branches and quarry lakes fringed with forests. The varied, picturesque sceneries offer unforgettable experiences for visitors. Boat trips, exciting small bay beaches, horse-riding and jaunting car tours as well as fishing opportunities make Szigetköz a real paradise. Along the EV 6 - Danube Cycle Route (entering the area at Rajka border town) tourists can obtain information about Szigetköz at all service providers or at the mobility centre in Mosonmagyaróvár city. The abundant offers of accommodations in Szigetköz satisfy every demand, ranging from four-star castle hotel, wellness hotels and B&Bs to nature friendly quality campsites. Good restaurants offering local and international cuisine are also very popular.

Highlights in der Szigetköz

  • Bicycle and canoe rental
  • Guided bike and boat tours (carriage rides or rides if required)
  • Guided tours to the science centers in Mosonmagyaróvár or Dunasziget

Highlights in the Szigetköz

  • Discover the Danube arms: cycling or riding tours along the island
  • Futura Interactive Science Adventure Center
  • Local specialties: tasting of local spirits "pálinka" and other delicacies

Green Mobility within the Pearl

Main hubs:  Mosonmagyaróvár railway & bus station / Rajka railway station

The Heart of Danube is easily and quickly accessible by train or the Danube Cycle Route, which connects Vienna and Budapest. Several experienced tour operators offer personalized tourist services for Szigetköz guests.

Trains: Bicycle transportation is available for an extra fee

Bus lines: The bus line network is covering the whole region of the Szigetköz: 

  • Local bus lines: are available in Mosonmagyaróvár – 

Cycle Routes:
The Tourism Destination Management of the Szigetköz area offers a lot of opportunities for cycling along the Szigetköz or along the EV 6 - Danube Cylce Route – 

Bike and canoe rentals:
Several rentals are available for tourists – 

Canoening through the Danube branches in the Szigetkoez

You want to know more about this Danube.Pearl?

Szigetköz Turizmusáért Egyesület (DMO Szigetközr)

Magyar u. 9., 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár

info(at), +3696 206 304

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