Zwei Radfahrer fahren entlang der Donau am Donauradweg in Au an der Donau.


With DANUBE TRAVEL STORIES you will discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Danube region, and find out what role the Danube river played  in European relations, the area's nature, the Roman era, art & culture, trade and spirituality.

DANUBE TRAVEL STORIES are all about sustainable travel, allowing you to discover the Danube region from a whole new angle. An exciting and unforgettable adventure awaits with DANUBE TRAVEL STORIES!


One Danube, 6 exciting routes & countless experiences

DANUBE TRAVEL STORIES includes 6 unique routes. Each route has a thematic focus and includes a coordinated itinerary. We are sending 6 participants on one route each to put the destinations to the test.

During their stay, our participants will gain valuable knowledge about Europe, nature, the Roman era, art and culture, trade, nature and spirituality. And of course, have lots of fun. Follow their journey on social media and learn more about DANUBE TRAVEL STORIES!

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Discover a new, different Europe, located along the Danube River. From its turbulent history to its technological innovations and creativity, its cultural diversity transforms it into a unique, world-class destination.

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Thousands of animal and plant species, impressive forests and wild waters - the Danube offers an extraordinary and incomparable natural environment. The perfect route for all nature-loving outdoor fans.

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Embark on a journey through time & admire the stunning structures along the Danube that have been preserved from the Roman era. Throughout this trip you will visit some special places that are guaranteed to become the next travel hot spot.

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Attention, all art and culture lovers: On this route you can enjoy Art Nouveau buildings, find the oldest flute in the world, discover Chinese influences on Renaissance paintings, but also sit comfortably in a coffee house and talk about literature.  

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The Danube belongs to some of the oldest trade routes in Europe. Even during the dark ages, the Danube was used by traders to transport their goods into foreign lands. Find out how the Danube impacted trade toures and experience the then and now.

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The Danube region has been home to many diverse religions over the years - a place of dialogue, of compassion, and tolereance. Reconnect with your inner self and experience the many spiritual sites along the Danube. An unforgettable experience awaits you.

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Transdanube Travel Stories

Project co-funded by the European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA)

10 partners from seven countries are engaged in the Interreg project "Transdanube Travel Stories" for sustainable tourism in the Danube region and want to charge the European lifeline with new stories and experiences with new, innovative strategies. The Danube Travel Stories campaign is one activity from this project.

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