Zwei Radfahrer fahren entlang der Donau am Donauradweg in Au an der Donau.


Holiday along the Danube

The Danube region offers many opportunities to move along and on the river. On this page you can find 3 packages for a Danube travel. Inspire yourself with a car-free Danube trip and let the Danube move you.

Devin Fortress in Slowakia

Roman traces along the Danube

The Romans founded many settlements and cities along the Danube river. Discover the secrets of this ancient culture while enjoying the picturesque landscape! The Danube, as Europe’s second-longest river after the Volga, served the Romans as an important trade route: Via boat, they transported furs, wood, wine, salt and other goods to their destinations. Join us on a historic experience in seven countries by water.

Professional, German speaking tour guide from/to Vienna

Price: from 1.699 € per person


  • Day 1, Carnuntum and Roman quarry in Austria
  • Day 2, Sopron and Fertőd in Hungary
  • Day 3, Castles in Grad and Murska Sobota in Slovenia
  • Day 4, Pécs in Hungary
  • Day 5, Osijek and Vukovar in Croatia
  • Day 6, Belgrade and the roman city of Viminacium in Serbia
  • Day 7, Golubac Turnu Severin castle and Băile Herculane in Romania
  • Day 8, Boat tour to the Iron Gate and Tabula Traiana
  • Day 9, Szeged und Budapest and the Aquincum museum in Hungary
  • Day 10, Gorsium and Devin castle in Slovakia

Subject to program changes!

Date: 1st - 10th of September 2019 
Minimum number of participants: 20 persons  


  • Journey from/to Vienna in a modern coach
  • 9 overnight stays incl. breakfast in good hotels (***/****)
  • 5 lunches, 1 Wine bar platter and 8 dinners
  • Guided city tours in Sopron, Szombathely, Pécs, Osijek, Belgrad, Băile Herculane and Szeged
  • Wine tasting in Rust and Grad palace, sparkling wine tasting in Pécs
  • Admissions incl. guided tours: Roman quarter of Carnuntum incl. mead tasting, Fertőd palace, Roman quarry St. Margare- then, Roman Lapidarium in Sopron, Iseum Savariense in Szombathely, Cella Septichora in Pésc, Grand palace and Murska Sobota palace, Vučedol excavation site, Roman city Viminacium, Golubac castle, Aquincum museum and Hercules villa in Budapest, Devín castle
  • Boat tour on the Danube river to the iron gate and Tabula Traiana

For more information:

Rail Tours Touristik GmbH, Am Hauptbahnhof 2, AT­1100 Wien
+43 664 617 36 06, daria.sokolowska(at), 

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Cyclists on the Eurovelo 6 Route in the Iron Gate

3 Countries, 2 Capitals, 1 River

Danube bike tour from Budapest to Kladovo

Starting from the vibrant city of Budapest towards the south, you will pass through charming villages, where you can dive into the rich tradition of Hungarian food. Enjoy a break in a spa or visit one of the small, fun museums along the road. For example, the Paprika museum in Kalocsa. Before going to Serbia, you will enter Croatia, where you can taste some of the great local wines and get a glimpse of the recent history. For example, the 1990s Balkan War in the museum of Vukovar. After the stopover in Croatia, you will end the first leg of the route in the Serbian city Novi Sad. The second part of the journey starts in Belgrade and leads along the mighty Danube to the Romanian border, where the Danube is at its widest, narrowest and deepest. Impressive gorges and different sceneries after each bend of the river make this part one of the most beautiful rides along the whole route.


  • Accommodation in double-room with breakfast
  • Luggage transport
  • Maps (printed and digital)
  • Trekking bikes incl. panniers


  • Guided bike-tours in Budapest, Novi Sad and Belgrade
  • Back-up van support

Price from € 690,-/person

For more information:

iBike Belgrade d.o.o., Brace Krsmanovic 5, RS-11000 Belgrade  
+381 66 900 83 86, info(at), 

Cyclists on a Cycletour from Budapest to Belgrad

“TERRA INCOGNITA” – unknown Danube

Great contrasts await you: the national park, the endless puszta around the magnificent Kalocsa cathedral, the baroque Osijek in Croatia, the Kopački rit national park with its numerous freshwater turtles and much more. Well-known destinations are also Novi Sad with the Petrovardian fortress or Belgrade.


Saturdays 18th May & 8th June 2019

Surcharge single + € 150,-

E-Bike + € 70,-


  • Saturday, Budapest: Arrival
  • Sunday, Ráckeve in Hungary (40 km)
  • Monday, Kalocsa in Hungary (60 km)
  • Tuesday, Mohács in Hungary (55/80 km)
  • Wednesday, Osijek in Croatia (61 km)
  • Thursday, Novi Sad in Serbia (75 km)
  • Friday, Belgrade in Serbia (26 km)
  • Saturday, end of the bike ride

Price from €939,-/person


  • 7x nights/half board
  • Austrian tour guide and bus ride from noon
  • Luggage service Budapest - Belgrade incl. Liability up to € 700,-/p.
  • 4x transfer trips (Mohács - Udvar, Osjek - Erdut, Plankenburg - Novi Sad, Novi Sad - Zemun)
  • Transfer Belgrade - Budapest
  • Guided City Walks and Castle Tours in the Castle District of Budapest, Mohács, Osijek, Novi Sad, Belgrade
  • Info package with tour map
  • Rental bike + saddlebag
  • 7-day service telephone

For more information:

Donau Touristik GmbH, Lederergasse 4­12, AT­4010 Linz 
+43 732 2080, office(at), 

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